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Bayonne Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ)

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The Bayonne Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) works to promote business within the zone that generates new, permanent jobs for local residents by providing a secure and attractive environment throughout the zone; by providing access to loans for small businesses; by enhancing access to an appropriately trained and identified local labor pool; by encouraging the use of local businesses in the supply of goods and services amongst members of the zone; by promoting for the equal opportunity of minority groups to participate as owner/operators of businesses within the zone.

Bayonne City Program Overview

The Urban Enterprise Zone Program was enacted by the New Jersey State Legislature in 1983 to help stimulate new economic activity and reduce unemployment within the boundaries of each zone. The establishment of these zones helps provide incentives for businesses to come to these communities and occupy existing facilities or build new. Bayonne is one of the State's newest Urban Enterprise Zones, and was first designated on September 12, 2002.Since its inception, over 213 businesses have registered in the Bayonne Urban Enterprise Zone program. The Urban Enterprise Zone is an area designated by the State UEZ Authority to revitalize critical shopping districts and industrial centers. Our mission is to create jobs, bring new business prosperity, and raise the quality of life in our community. The staff of the Bayonne Urban Enterprise Zone is here to assist you. We are looking to place our businesses and customers in a win-win situation. If any businesses or customers have any questions please call Dee Dee Bottino or Patty Murray at (201) 858-6357.

Zone Incentives for Businesses

  • Pay no state sales tax on building materials, services, and most tangible personal property
  • For each new permanent full time employee hired, businesses receive a one time corporate tax credit of up to $1,500
  • The program allows a tax credit against the Corporate Business Tax of eight percent for investment inside the zone
  • Businesses may be eligible for priority financial assistance including low-interest loans from the New Jersey Local Development Financing Fund and the Department of Labor Job Training Program
  • Sales tax revenue is placed in a Zone Assistance Fund (ZAF) and reinvested in improvement projects and further economic development
  • Qualified zone retailers are allowed to charge 3.5 percent sales tax on in-person purchases, half the normal rate

Advantages for Consumers

  • Shop in a safe, secure environment
  • Hundreds of quality stores to choose from
  • Enjoy the reduced 3.5 percent sales tax at participating businesses

Calling All Artists

  • The Bayonne UEZ is pleased to announce an amazing opportunity to participate with an Art Installation Program. Local artists are requested to submit a proposal for the Bayonne UEZ/SID Installation Project, see details here. Deadline to Enter: March 9, 2018. Apply below:

    Art Proposal Application