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Elected Officials

1st Ward Council Member Neil Carroll III

(201) 858-6087

First Ward Boundaries: The First Ward includes the area from the south side of 16th Street between Newark Bay and Kennedy Boulevard, and from the south side of 17th Street between Kennedy Boulevard and Constable Hook, in a southerly direction to and including First Street.

What things would you still like to accomplish as a Council Member?

I would like to sec the completion of the Ferry as well as further development at the Military Ocean Terminal. I would also like to see the continuation and expansion of community events such as the Hometown Fair and Arts Festival. These have helped to renew that feeling of belonging to a community that cares about its people.

What do you like about being a Council Member?

I like being able to connect with people and attempt to solve problems.

What is your favorite movie?

As a great movie fan it is hard to answer that question. But I would say the film I always come back to and watch is Star Wars: A New Hope.

Do you have a favorite sports team?

The New York Giants!

Do you have a favorite book?

I love the Godfather.

Do you have a favorite color?


What is your favorite childhood memory?

Apart from the holidays with my family I would say my favorite childhood memory would probably be, being able to walk with my friends to Bergen Point, stopping for a slice then an ice at CJ’s Ices and then renting a movie all within steps of each other.

Is there anything else that you would like to add to your biography that would help people to understand you personally?

I'm born and raised in Bayonne and love it. I've helped to create an awareness program for our local veterans and have been dedicated to education. I currently hold an MA in Educational Leadership and am in the process of obtaining a Doctorate. I belong to the Sicilian Citizens Club and have enjoyed the good work we do for the community. In particular I'm a big fan of the Zeppole that they make every year at the Hometown Fair. I'm a strong believer in volunteerism and the power it has to make meaningful changes happen.

Current Term: 11/20/18 - 11/19 (Special Election November 5, 2019)