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Elected Officials

Mayor Jimmy Davis

(201) 858-6010

Born and raised in Bayonne, Jimmy graduated from local schools and attended St. John’s University. He worked in NYC’s financial district, and in 1986 he chose to serve his community as a Bayonne police officer. Since that time, Jimmy has led a distinguished career in law enforcement, from his days in the Hudson County Prosecutor’s homicide division to his more recent assignment leading a special crimes unit and working alongside prosecutors from several counties, the FBI, U.S. Treasury Dept. and Department of Justice. He has been involved in numerous community fund raising activities including coaching the Bayonne Police Department’s hockey team and raising money for slain police officers and autism.

Jimmy Davis is firmly invested in Bayonne’s future and has identified three key areas of concern: taxes and the burden on resident taxpayers, transparency and the obligation of government to be Open Public Records Act (OPRA) compliant, and restoring an elected school board allowing residents to determine who to entrust with their children’s education and to balance this with teachers and taxpayers concerns.

Current Term: 7/1/18 - 6/30/22