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Take Part in the Hudson County Ferry Study
The Hudson County Division of Planning is pleased to announce the launch of the Hudson County Ferry Service Expansion Study! From now to June 2021, the county will be exploring the potential for new ferry service to different areas of Hudson County. Please share your thoughts and comments with them. Get on board by visiting their website at: and signing up for their email list, or by following their Facebook page, and join them on the voyage!

Hudson County is exploring the potential for new ferry service. The county wants to hear from you! Visit for more details, to join their email list and provide input!

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Please take note of the Street Sweeping schedule so you can move your cars accordingly.


Residents of the City of Bayonne may apply for a parking permit, display this permit in their cars, and park on the streets of Bayonne.

Permits, which are free to residents, allow residents to park for more than three hours on weekdays between 8am and 9pm in the parking zones.

You do not need a parking permit on the weekends.

Only one Residential sticker can be issued per car. If you live in one area but work in a different Residential Area, your residential parking permit is valid throughout the city.

A residential parking permit will not be issued to anyone with outstanding traffic violations, a suspended driver's license, or suspended vehicle registration.

Obtaining a Residential Permit Parking Sticker

Eligible persons may obtain a residential permit parking sticker in person or through the mail upon submission of the appropriate documentation and a self-addressed, stamped return envelope. The business owner/employer of those employees who are eligible for permit parking stickers as a result of employment within the relevant zone should collect and submit collectively the necessary information and documentation in support of his/her employees' applications

Residential permit parking stickers are renewable by mail on an annual basis and must be submitted during the thirty-day period next preceding the permit's expiration.

Old stickers can be removed with a window cleaning solution - no scraping is necessary. All applications submitted must have copies of all required documents attached.

Requirements for Parking Permits - Bayonne Residents

  • Driver's license
  • Registration (if car is leased, copy of insurance card is also needed)
  • If registration bears a different name other than the person applying for the permit, a notarized letter from the bearer of the registration is required. Letter must give full permission to applicant for use of car and must contain entire vehicle information
  • Current Proof of Residency. One of the following from the previous three (3) months (note: name, address, and date must appear):
    1. PSE&G Bill
    2. Cablevision or Satellite Dish Bill
    3. Telephone Bill
    4. Credit Card Bill
    5. Payroll Stub
    6. College Bill
    7. Tax Bill
    8. Water Bill

Download Requirements and Parking Permit Here

Purchase Lot Permit Application


Non-residents who may work in the City of Bayonne or own a business here, must apply for a permit and can only park in their assigned parking Zone.

Pursuant to the authority provided in Chapter 17, Section 7-17 of the Revised General Ordinances of the City of Bayonne, the Mayor has determined certain residential areas within the City of Bayonne are impacted by commuter vehicles and accordingly, initiates the creation of the following residential permit parking areas to alleviate and restrict the unfavorable parking conditions outside flow of commuter traffic into said residential neighborhoods, thereby enhancing the quality of life by reducing noise, and alleviating traffic hazards and litter within these residential areas.

The affected areas include (click an area to view details):

Requirements for Parking Permits - Non-Residents

  • Driver's license
  • Registration (if car is leased, copy of insurance card is also needed)
  • If registration bears a different name other than the person applying for the permit, a notarized letter from the bearer of the registration is required. Letter must give full permission to applicant for use of car and must contain entire vehicle information
  • Fill out Section 1 with your information.
  • Section 2 must be filled out by your employer and you must provide proof of employment (Payroll Stub)
  • A check or money order for $150 made payable to "Bayonne Parking Utility"

The employer is responsible for retrieving the sticker when an employee leaves and must return the sticker as notification to the Parking Utility. If you sell/trade in your car, the sticker must be returned to the Parking Utility, and a new sticker will be issued. All others must pay $150 for a new sticker.

Download Requirements and Parking Permit Here

Violations cost $58 per infraction.

Please Note: Residents and Non-Residents

  • If mailing in your application, all copies are required along with a self-addressed stamped envelope
  • Parking Permit Stickers and Visitor Passes must be removed and returned to the Parking Utility upon the sale of a car or if moving
  • Permit stickers cannot be switched from one car to another
  • Permit stickers cannot be taped to the window or laminated in any way
  • Permit stickers should be removed from the window at the end of each permit year and discarded
  • Permits must be placed on the back windshield / truck window, upper left-hand corner, even if it is tinted windows
  • If you receive a renewal application for a vehicle that no longer exists, please return it to the Parking Authority indicating sold/junked/traded-in
  • Visitor Passes must be hung from the rearview mirror at the front of the car

Commercial Vehicle Restrictions

Commercial vehicles cannot park overnight on Bayonne's streets, regardless of whether or not the vehicle is used for commercial purposes or bears commercial plates. If a truck or van weighs over 12,000 pounds and is used for commercial purposes, that truck or van may not be parked on Bayonne streets overnight, unless it is parked in an area designated for commercial vehicles. Vehicles from limousine fleets are not allowed to park overnight on the streets. Taxis may park only at designate taxi stands.

Taxis that have no company taxi stand in Bayonne are prohibited from overnight parking on the streets.

Heavier vehicles will have to park in designated areas east of Route 440 (formerly Route 169), in Parking Utility parking lots if the vehicle is under 12,000 pounds, off-street garages and other private facilities, or out of town.

All commercial vehicles, except for tractor trailers, are eligible to park overnight in Parking Utility lots, provided their owners have purchased the $35 monthly permits. The Parking Utility lot overnight permits cover the hours from 7pm-9am. These permits are available for purchase from the Parking Utility office at City Hall, Room 28. Overnight parking is permitted in all lots except for lots 8, 9, 12, and 13.

For an additional $75 per month, the Parking Utility will provide a permit to allow daytime parking for all commercial vehicles covered by the ordinance, except for tractor trailer. Daytime permit parking is available at all Parking Utility lots except Lots 8 and 10 on East 26th Street, Lot 12 on 29th Street and Broadway, and Lot 13 on 31st Street between Avenue C and Kennedy Boulevard.

The designated on-street parking areas for heavy commercial vehicles weighing over 12,000 pounds are:

  • Avenue J
  • East 22nd Street (east of Route 440 only)
  • North Hook Road
  • Hook Road
  • Pier Street
  • Ingham Avenue

Commercial vehicles weighing over 12,000 pounds may park on those industrial streets in sections where on-street parking is available, between the hours of 7pm and 6am.

Public Safety Director Robert Kubert

Tel: 201.858.6135

Location City of Bayonne
630 Avenue C
Bayonne, NJ 07002
Parking Utility Office: Room 13

Hours Mon-Fri: 8:30am-4:30pm (Except Holidays)



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