Quality of Life Office

certificateLocated in City Hall, the Quality of Life Office was instituted in 1997 and the following year was the recipient of the “Best Practice for Efficiency and Productivity Award” by the NJ State Budget Review Committee. Since its inception the Quality of Life Office has logged 7422 complaints, 85% of which are answered withint one day. The most common concerns are garbage/debris, hazardous trees, neighbor disputes, overgrown weeds and property not maintained.

The City of Bayonne has adopted a new property maintenance code which the Quality of Life Office enforces. The Quality of Life Office provides the community with an avenue to lodge complaints. It is our purpose to furnish citizens with accurate information and act appropriately. We are here to serve all residents impartially. Everyone’s quality of life is different. One’s concerns are not necessarily the concerns of others. We must be tolerant of each other and treat others as you would want them to treat you. This is our community and we are what we make it.

The Quality of Life Office addresses and enforces all city ordinances that are non-police related. For all city ordinances, click here.

Contact the Quality of Life Office at (201) 858-6011. To file a complaint online, please use the online feedback form.


The City of Bayonne has also instituted a city service line that is dedicated to non-emergency matters that residents may not be able to telephone during regular business hours. This service allows residents to leave messages on weekdays after 4:30PM and on weekends. The City Constituent Service Line can be reached at (201) 858-6344.

Attention: Anonymous messages will not be addressed. You must leave your name, address and phone number so the municipal offices can get back to you with the appropriate follow-up.