Green Initiatives

The mission of Bayonne’s Green Initiatives is to empower residents to make Bayonne a Model Urban Forest now and for many generations to come. A Model Urban Forest is a town where there are many trees, flowers and shrubs. It is a city where the natural wildlife of the area can flourish without risk of extinction.

It is a place where people take responsibility for and pride in their community and keep it clean, free of pollution and litter. A Model Urban Forest is a city or town trying to live in harmony with nature.

Goals of Bayonne’s Green Initiatives include:

  • Implementing a new recycling program (with a new company – Triple Recycling) that will recycle paper, newspaper and cardboard.
  • Continuing to promote the anti-litter campaign, “Put Waste In Its Place.”
  • Posting “Put Waste In Its Place” signs throughout the city starting with the public schools.
  • Utilizing HCIA grant money for environmental projects at each school ($500/per school).
  • Continuing to create and maintain a variety of gardens in all of the schools.
  • Raising funds using McDonald’s McCare Program for school beautification projects.