Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority

October 29, 2014

Water Meter Change Out and Capital Upgrades for Bayonne’s Water and Sewer Systems

Tim Boyle, Executive Director, Bayonne Municipal Utility Authority (BMUA), reminded residents that United Water is required to perform 2.5 million dollars’ worth of upgrades to Bayonne’s Water and Sewer Systems annually for the next several decades.  This requirement is part of United Water’s contract with the Bayonne’s Municipal Utilities Authority.  Tim Boyle said, “There’s a minimum of one hundred million dollars’ worth of water and sewer infrastructure upgrades scheduled over the course of the next several decades.  Remember, The City of Bayonne still owns the water and sewer systems, and it’s Bayonne that benefits from these upgrades.”

Tim Boyle continued, “As part of the first steps of the system renewal, our water meters, which have not received any maintenance or upgrades over the last 20 years or longer, need to be replaced.  It’s important that new meters be installed, so we can determine where the leaks are in our water system. Leaks cannot be repaired until they are detected.”

Several businesses and homeowners in town have already benefited from the new water meters, having been advised of a problem from United Water before they were even aware that a problem existed. Because United Water can now monitor the meters directly from their office, they notice meters running in the middle of the night when water usage is unlikely; they then advise the rate payer of the suspected problem.  This approach will frequently avoid a much greater expense to the business owner, landlord, or family. Plus, the water company never has to visit your home again, which means no more scheduling for monthly meter reading.

The vast majority of this work is now complete. However, there are still about 900 meters that need upgrading.  Customers who continue to fail to comply will begin to receive an estimated water bill, because the old system is no longer supported.  Customers can call National Metering Services directly to schedule an appointment for the free upgrade at 1-888-448-0009.  National Metering Services is the company hired by United Water to install the new meters. Any remaining questions may be directed to United Water at 1-888-434-0518.

Tim Boyle concluded, “We’re moving Bayonne in the right direction, towards a healthier and more stable water and sewer system for our City. Our citizens’ continued support is necessary to move the entire community forward. I urge anyone who still requires the upgrade to make an appointment so we, as a City, can complete this phase of the work. It is time to move our focus onto the next phase, which has already begun by flushing hydrants, making our fire hydrant system more healthy and reliable. While there are a number of leaking and out-of- service hydrants around town as a result of this work, United Water is fully aware of them, and they are being addressed in turn.”


The Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority is the City’s water and sewer company.

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