Construction Division


Construction Division
630 Avenue C
Room 13
Bayonne NJ 07002

Located in the Department of Municipal Services, the Construction Division is responsible for overseeing construction projects and permits in the City of Bayonne. Contact the Construction Division at (201)-858-6073.


Mon – Fri: 7:30AM – 4:30PM exc. holidays
Tues: Open until 7:00PM exc. holidays
Fax (201) 858-6122

Before you start your project, make sure to call the Building Department at (201) 858-6073. Additionally, consider the following:

Do I Need A Construction Permit?

Below is a list of projects for which a permit is NOT required. If your project does not appear on the list below, please call the Building Department to see if you need a permit.

Building Permits

  • Exterior and interior painting
  • Installation, repair, or replacement of any interior finishes of less than 25% of the wall area in any given room
  • Wallpapering and vinyl wall coverings (Panelingdoes require a permit)
  • Installation and replacement of any window or door including garage doors in the same opening without altering the dimensions or framing of the original opening
  • The repair of any non-structural member such a partition railing or kitchen cabinet
  • Repair or replacement of any trim, decoration or molding
  • The repair of roofing not exceeding 25% of the total roof area within any 12 month period
  • The repair of siding not exceeding 25% of the total exterior wall area within any 12 month period
  • The replacement or installation of screens
  • Replacement of exterior gutters and leaders

Plumbing Permits

  • Replacement of hose bib valves in single-family dwellings; however, they must be replaced with an approved vacuum breaker
  • Refinishing of existing fixtures (Relining of fixtures requires a permit)
  • Replacement of ballcocks; however, they must be an approved anti-siphon type
  • Repair of leaks involving the replacement of piping between two adjacent joints only
  • Clearances of stoppages
  • Replacement of faucets or working parts of faucets
  • Replacement of traps in single family residences
  • Replacement of domestic clothes washers and dishwashers

Electrical Permits

  • Replacement of any receptacle, switch or lightning fixtures rated at 20 amps or less
  • Repairs to doorbells, communication systems and motor operated devices
  • Communication wiring in single family residences
  • Replacement of domestic dishwashers
  • Replacement of range hoods in single family dwellings

Fire Protection Permits

  • Replacement of smoke or heat detectors
  • Installation of battery powered smoke detectors

Mechanical Permits

  • Replacement of motors, pumps and fans of the same capacity
  • Repair of heating, supply and return piping which does not require re-arrangement of the piping system
  • Repair and replacement of ductwork
  • Repair of air-conditioning equipment
  • Replacement of control devices for heating and air conditioning


Division of Construction Contact Information

  • Permit Desk: (201) 858-6073
  • Michael Feuer – Construction Official: (201) 858-6069
  • Richard Bielinski – Plumbing Sub-Code Official: (201) 858-6080
  • Dan Wall – Building Sub-Code Official: (201) 858-6084
  • Carl Attisano – Electrical Sub-Code Official: (201) 858-6068
  • Donna Ward – Zoning Officer: (201) 858-6110
  • Voice Mail – Contractors Only: (201) 858-5696