Community Development and Grants Management Division


iStock_000018680542XSmallLocated in the Department of Administration, the Community Development and Grants Management Division improves the quality of life for Bayonne residents by offering economic, social, and employment opportunities for individuals, families, and neighborhoods in need. Contact the Community Development and Grants Management Division at (201)-858-6076.

The comprehensive programs and services are offered to the public as a direct result of relationships forged with agencies and service providers throughout the area. Also, the Community Development and Grants Management Division funds improvement programs through obtained grant funding to infrastructure, parks, transportation, emergency services, housing, etc.

We have a focus on rehabilitating housing for our low and moderate-income residents through our Property Improvement Programs.

  • Home Improvement Program

The Home Improvement Program offers lower income homeowners in a single or two-family home a no interest loan up to $20,000 to correct existing code violations. The owner’s income must fall within the Section 8 low income limits established by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development.

  • Other Available Rehabilitation Programs

The Community Development and Grants Management Division will also provide owners of multi-family buildings who need to undertake more extensive repairs with information and guidance relative to other available programs including those administered by the City of Bayonne (Affordable Housing Trust Fund).

  • Commercial Facade Program

The Commercial Facade Program offers business owners a rebate of 50% of the total cost of facade improvements up to a maximum amount of $10,000.

  • Non-Profit Organizations – What Should You Know?

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is a flexible program that provides communities with resources to address a wide range of unique community development needs. Beginning in 1974, the CDBG program is one of the longest continuously run programs at HUD. The CDBG program provides annual grants on a formula basis to 1209 general units of local government and States.

Non-Profit organizations that provide services to Bayonne’s low to moderate income families and individuals may be eligible to receive grant funding assistance with providing those services.

Please note: We regret that if renovation work is started before all the necessary documents are filed with this office, you will be INELIGIBLE to participate in these programs.

Please click here to download the pre-application to start the qualifying process for HUD financial assistance with your home rehabilitation project.

Please click here to download the City of Bayonne Community Development Program brochure.

Please click here to download the Home Repair Program guidelines.


Community Development Contact Information:

Samantha D. Howard – Assistant Director – (201) 858-6120
Christina LaGatta – Non Profit Construction & Operational Specialist – (201) 858-6120
Patty Murray – Home Improvement Specialist(201) 858-6086
Joseph Benkert – Code Inspector(201) 858-6334