Department of Administration

The Department of Administration consists of the Administration Division, the Finance Division, the Tax Collector, the Tax Assessor, the Purchasing Bureau, the Human Resources Division, the Law Division, and the Community Development and Grants Management Division. Contact the Business Administrator at (201) 858-6046.

Joseph DeMarco is serving as Business Administrator. Please feel free to use the following resources to contact the Business Administrator directly:

Office: (201) 858-6046


Title / Office


Phone Number

Business Administrator

Joseph DeMarco

(201) 858-6046

UEZ Coordinator

Terrence Malloy

(201) 858-6357


Janet Convery

(201) 858-6042

Tax Collector

Joanne Sisk

(201) 858-6055

Tax Assessor

Joseph G. Nichols

(201) 858-6051


Deborah Falciani

(201) 858-6063


Gines Valdez

(201) 858-6986

Health Benefits

Jerry Siwiec

(201) 858-6062

Purchasing Agent

Amy Dellabella

(201) 858-6090



  • All questions regarding tax bills, due dates on tax bills, and outstanding delinquencies should be directed to the Tax Collector’s Office.
  • All tax bills that are not delinquent may be paid at any branch office of Bayonne Community Bank.
  • All questions regarding bids should be directed to the Purchasing Department.
  • All inquiries regarding how to do business with the City should be directed to the Purchasing Department.
  • All questions regarding health benefits should be directed to the Health Benefit Office/Personnel Office.
  • Inquiries regarding any job openings should be directed to the Payroll/Personnel Office.
  • Any questions regarding your tax assessment or regarding the tax appeal process should be directed to the Tax Assessor’s Office.
  • If you desire a copy of the City Budget, please call the Finance Department.
  • If you wish to review a copy of the City’s audit, please call the Finance Department.
  • The City of Bayonne operates on a calendar year running from January 1st to December 31st.

The City of Bayonne is a member of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities. Our annual dues are $3,477. For more information on the NJSLOM, please visit their site by clicking here.