Line of Duty Deaths
These brothers made the supreme sacrifice. May they rest in peace.
Bayonne Firefighter's Memorial Statue

The plaque reads:

Bayonne's Bravest

Dedicated to the Firefighters
who courageously and unselfishly
devote their lives to protecting
the Citizens of Bayonne.
Chief William J. Kosakowski
Bayonne Fire Department

February 12, 1969:

Capt. Clarence J. Moran of Ladder Co. 3 was fighting a fire at 812 Avenue C. A woman was trapped in her top- floor apartment and Capt. Moran and his men made five attempts to reach her but they were driven back by heat and smoke. As Ladder Co. 3 was taking up from the scene, Capt. Moran was stricken with a heart attack and died.

December 29, 1960:

Firefighter Thomas Spirko of Engine Co. 7 suffered a heart attack while fighting a fire at Broadway Furniture Store at 36th Street and Broadway. He died at Bayonne Hospital later that day.

March 25, 1948:

Firefighter Arthur C. McGillis of Engine Co. 6 was fighting a fire in Saint Vincent de Paul’s Auditorium on West 47th Street when he suddenly collapsed. Attempts to revive him with an inhalator failed and he died at the scene.

May 14, 1947:

Firefighter William J. Donnelly of Engine Co. 3 was killed in the line of duty.

January 17, 1947:

Firefighter Alfred Sedlak of Ladder Co. 2 was ascending the 75-foot aerial ladder of the truck to put a new halyard at the top of the flagpole in front of the Bayonne Junior College. As he was reaching the tip of the ladder, the lower section of the aerial broke and Sedlak fell to his death.

February 16, 1935:

Firefighter Peter Brady of Ladder Co. 3 was riding the side as the truck responded to a fire on the west side of town. As the truck rounded the corner of 56th Street and the Boulevard, Brady lost his grip on the railing and fell to the street. He died later that day at Bayonne Hospital due to a fractured skull.

January 5, 1929:

Capt. Joseph Whelan of Engine Co. 2 was answering an alarm from the new firehouse at 4th Street and Zabriskie Avenue. While crossing Avenue C, Engine Co. 2 collided with a trolley car, throwing Capt. Whelan from the engine. The captain died instantly.

August 23, 1928:

Firefighter George Wunderlin of Engine Co. 3 was riding the back step while responding to an alarm. On the way to the alarm, Engine Co. 7 crashed into the back of Engine Co. 3 due to wet pavement. Firefighter Wunderlin was crushed between the two engines and died later that day at Bayonne hospital.

December 6, 1915:

Assistant Chief Lewis Bonney, while his red chief’s car was in for repairs, was using Commissioner Henry Wilson’s new 8-cylinder Cadillac. A box alarm was received from 1st Street and Avenue A while his aide was on dinner leave. Chief Bonney jumped into the new Cadillac and sped off southward on what is now Kennedy Boulevard. At 15th Street, an express wagon was crossing the boulevard and Bonney’s car collided with the wagon and flipped three times. Bonney died on his way to Bayonne Hospital.

December 8, 1912:

Firefighter George Zindel of Ladder Co. 2 was carrying hose at a fire at the Polish Independent Catholic Church when he was stricken with a major heart attack. He died at Bayonne Hospital later that day.

September 11, 1911:

Firefighter Abraham Johnson of Engine Co. 4 died on this date from injuries he sustained on September 4, 1911. On that date, Johnson was driving his engine at a gallop to a fire on Schuyler Court. In rounding the sharp corner at 8th Street and Broadway, the horses ran wide and the engine crashed into the show window of the Strauss Drug Store, hurling Johnson into the debris. He was rushed to Bayonne Hospital and remained paralyzed until he succumbed to his injuries on September 11, 1911.

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