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Gary Chmielewski

Department of Public Works
1.What have been your accomplishments as a City department director?

There are many accomplishments that the department has achieved over the past ten years because of employees that care. I would say our response to the Sandy Storm was a major achievement.

2. What things would you still like to accomplish as a City department director?

Resurfacing every street in the city.

3. What do you like about being a City department director?

That is the easiest question. Helping residents on a daily basis. You would be very surprised how many are very thankful. Unfortunately, we spend 90% of our energy responding to the same 10% of residents.

4. What is your favorite movie?

I have two favorites: It’s A Wonderful Life and Gigi.

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Robert Kubert

Department of Public Safety
1.What have been your accomplishments as a City department director?

It is with extreme gratitude that I recognize the faith placed in me by Mayor James Davis and his administration by being afforded the opportunity to serve as Director of Public Safety and as such, to continue my forty-three year career in service to this fine community with the Bayonne Police Department. The Director of the Department of Public Safety oversees the operations of the Police Department, the Fire Department, and the Parking Utility. In conjunction with the administrators and members of these departments, we ensure and provide a level of service to the community second to none. The across- the-board response time of all Public Safety Departments is above average in comparison to surrounding areas and other jurisdictions of comparable size and population. With the support of the City Administration, staffing levels have been continually examined and adjusted in furtherance of providing the best possible public safety services available at the most economically feasible level possible.

During the past three years of this Administration, the dedicated and professional members of the Police Department have worked diligently to produce an average crime rate reduction of approximately 4.2%, with the most significant reductions occurring in violent crimes. A renewed emphasis on Community Oriented Policing has been instituted through foot patrols and park-and-walks. In an effort to keep our motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians safe, and in response to increased incidents of distracted driving and distracted walking, we have made traffic enforcement a priority.

With the support of the Administration, the dedicated members of the Fire Department continue to provide a level of service to the community that goes unmatched throughout the region and beyond. Their duties and resources have been expanded and redirected to encompass a greater category of incidents they respond to, with an emphasis being placed on fire prevention and safety. Programs and educational presentations addressing these initiatives have been increased in the schools and any other organizations wishing to avail themselves of these opportunities. Inspections of industrial, business, and residential facilities have increased with an emphasis first on compliance and then enforcement if necessary. They continue in their role as supplemental emergency medical responders and have enhanced their mutual aid capabilities and responsibilities both on land and sea.

The Parking Utility continues to perform their duties of enforcement, residential and commercial parking permit issuance, and equipment repair with diligence and competency. In addition to issuing commercial and employee parking permits, they issue and enforce approximately 25,000 residential parking permits. They maintain all parking equipment on the streets and in the municipal parking lots.

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More directors to come...