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Elected Officials

1st Ward Council Member Thomas Cotter

(201) 858-6087

First Ward Boundaries: The First Ward includes the area from the south side of 16th Street between Newark Bay and Kennedy Boulevard, and from the south side of 17th Street between Kennedy Boulevard and Constable Hook, in a southerly direction to and including First Street.

Thomas “Tommy” Cotter is a life-long resident of Bayonne’s First Ward where he continues to live with his wife, Stephenie Fisette. Tommy has three children; Jenny, Thomas and Morgan and three grandchildren Taylor, Cameron and Jake. His parents Aggie and Danny Cotter spent most of their adult (50)life in the same neighborhood and raised their children, Danny, Kathy, Tommy, Kevin and Brian there as well.

Tommy is a product of both St. Andrew’s and Henry Harris grammar schools and graduated from Bayonne High School. He went on to study accounting and business law at St. Peter’s College in Jersey City.

Tommy has long been known for his energetic and dynamic personality. Before retiring from IMTT, Tommy was a member of AFL-CIO Local 8406 and served as steward and chief steward.   Since his retirement, Tommy has dedicated himself to raising his children and being very active in their school and extra-curricular activities. He is a member of the Henry Harris PTA and served as President for eight years. He took a leadership role in raising thousands of dollars for technology upgrades in the school, most notably equipping classrooms with “Smart Boards”.

Tommy is also very involved with Little League Baseball and serves as president of the Charlie Hattenberg Minor Leagues. Tommy was the driving force in the revitalization of the “Pony League” field. He worked with local business to secure over $100,000 in private funding to make the necessary renovations with absolutely no cost to the taxpayers.

Tommy and his wife established a travel baseball program that annually sponsors a trip to Cooperstown NY that gives the children of Bayonne an opportunity to play in a week long national tournament.

Tommy is well known for getting a job done. He is accessible and approachable. He is the man you want to represent you and your family in the first ward!

Current Term: 6/1/14 - 5/30/18