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Elected Officials

1st Ward Council Member Thomas Cotter

(201) 858-6087

What have been your accomplishments as a City Council Member?

Park improvements have been a major accomplishment: the Skate Park, Collins Park, and 8th Street (Clark) Park.

We have revitalized Broadway, starting with downtown.  We will have holiday lights going up on Broadway in Bergen Point from 5th Street to 7th Street.

I have helped numerous constituents with their problems. 

I have supported the arts community.  I pitched the idea for statues on Broadway, and that led to artists painting on utility boxes on Broadway.

We brought back the fall festival downtown. 

We have been working with developers to help improve our downtown areas. 

What things would you still like to accomplish as a Council Member?

I would like to expand the fall festival in future years.  The festival should go for a few more blocks, which would incorporate the next section of Broadway.

I would also like to see a linear park started that would create green space underneath the Bayonne Bridge rather than fencing the space off.  I would like to see that park run from the Bayonne

Bridge to Mayor Dennis P. Collins Park.

What do you like about being a Council Member?

I like the interaction with people I would not normally see.  By helping our citizens, I learn how to relate to other people’s daily lives.  Helping people gives me insight into their lives.  That enables me to do a better job.

I like being part of the rebirth that is going on in Bayonne.  It is important to be part of it.  I see people reacting positively to the progress being made.  It is good to hear that people want the change.  They see Bayonne growing and getting better.

What is your favorite movie?

I have favorite movies in different categories:

Musical:  The Sound of Music.

Drama: Ben-Hur.

Comedy: Young Frankenstein.

Western: Outlaw Josey Wales.

Do you have a favorite sports team?

Yes. The New York Mets.

Do you have a favorite color?

My favorite color is burgundy.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

My favorite childhood memory is all of the holidays I spent with family.  It’s a tradition.  I grew up at a time when everything was simpler.

Is there anything else that you would like to add to your biography that would help people to understand you personally?

My philosophy is that I prefer doing things that are youth-oriented and that help young people get ahead.  I like helping them build a strong foundation for the future.

Current Term: 6/1/14 - 5/30/18

First Ward Boundaries: The First Ward includes the area from the south side of 16th Street between Newark Bay and Kennedy Boulevard, and from the south side of 17th Street between Kennedy Boulevard and Constable Hook, in a southerly direction down to and including First Street.