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As part of the Department of Public Works, the Parks Division is responsible for:

  • Maintenance of Parks and Playgrounds
  • Provide Forestry Services
  • Maintenance of all City Ball Fields
  • Grounds Keeping of all Municipal Properties

List of Parks & Playgrounds

North Street Park
Spray park and playground.

11th Street Oval
Playground, baseball field, benches and restrooms.

28th Street Park & Avenue F
Playground, benches, and basketball courts.

Sigmund Mackiewicz Park (40th Street)
Playground and benches.

Neil DeSena Park (52nd & Avenue C)
Playground and benches.

25th Street Park on Park Road
Spray park, playground, exercise area and parking facilities.

Al Slootsky Park (Juliette St.)
Playground, benches, basketball court and wading pool.

Dennis P. Collins Park
Restrooms, walking paths, benches, playgrounds, basketballl courts, baseball fields, spray park, bocce court, fishing pier, Veterans Memorials and parking facilities.

New Dog Parks
The new dog parks are located behind the Pony League Field and Little League Field in Collins Park.

The Sgt. Vincent J. Oliva Mini Dog Park (For Small Dogs)
This facility includes synthetic turf carpet, a dog park irrigation system, a doggie crawl, a paws grooming table, rookie weave posts, a small hoop jump, a pet drinking fountain, stepping paws, and a pet waste station.

The Sirius Dog Park (For Large Dogs)
This facility includes synthetic turf carpet, a dog park irrigation system, a doggie crawl, a paws grooming table, a small hoop jump, King of the Hill, stepping paws, teeter totter, Rover Jump Over, a pet waste station, and a pet drinking fountain.

The Skate Park
The Skate Park has a state-of-the-art Spohn Ranch Design, a concrete pre-cast skate structure, multiple rails and ramps, ledges, and vertical walls.

Cottage Street Park
Benches, playground and basketball court.

5th Street Walkway Park
Walking path, benches and parking.

Terry Collins Park
Spray park, walking path, playground and benches.

Charles Heiser Park
Baseball field, consessions and parking.

Edward Clark Park
Picnic tables, benches, playground, spray park, and the George K. Tenety memorial basketball courts.

G. Thomas DiDomenico Park
Restrooms, playgrounds, handball court, municipal pool, amphitheatre, boat launch, walking paths, benches, baseball/softball/soccer fields basketball court, tennis court, firing range, and parking facilities.

19th Street Neighborhood Preservation Park
Benches, playground and wading pool.

Halecky/ IMTT Park
Walking path, benches and flowering gardens.

Sr. Miriam Theresa Park
Walking path, benches, and flowering gardens.

24th Street Park
Playground and benches.

Francis G. Fitzpatrick Park
Spray park, walking path, playground and benches.

Dr. Morris Park
Open space with benches.

Russell Golding Park
Spray park, playground, basketball courts benches and walking paths.

Richard A. Rutkowski Park
Bird watching, walking path, bike path, Boatworks Monument and parking facilities.

9/11 Harbor View Memorial Park
Walking path, benches, Memorial Monument and parking facilities.

James J. Donovan Park (at former Military Ocean Terminal)
Open spaces with benches.

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