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Long Term Control Plan

Welcome to the Bayonne City Long Term Control Plan (L.T.C.P.) Page.

Beginning in July of 2015 the City of Bayonne, along with 20 other communities within the State of New Jersey, known as CSO Communities, were issued a permit, a set of regulation that the City must come into compliance with by the end of a 25 year period of time ending in the year 2040.

The reason for the long build out term is because this is extremely expensive work that needs to be completed. For many of the 21 NJ CSO Communities involved, this will be the single most expensive project ever undertaken by the community, and there are no dedicated State or Federal dollars to assist with this project, so funding must be done carefully by the individual communities.

The first 5 years would be spent doing engineering work along with the other hydraulically connected municipalities who send sewage flows to Passaic Valley Sewage Commission (P.V.S.C.) in Newark for treatment. The individual CSO permits became effective on July 1, 2015.

Our initial task was to evaluate possible alternative options for handling our sewage in a way so as to come into compliance with the new rules. We were also tasked with working together with the other CSO communities who send flows to P.V.S.C. so the action of no one community involved would have a negative impact on the other hydraulically connected communities.

The analysis was to include various types of Green Infrastructure (GI) methods of control as well, however, to be clear, GI was not mandated for inclusion in the final L.T.C.P.

The P.V.S.C. working group has been in constant contact with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP or DEP) regarding this process, and they advise us on a regular basis regarding any number of issues that have come up during this process.

An analysis of the various methods we would like to use in Bayonne was submitted to the DEP on July 1st 2019. The DEP will examine our analysis and if they accept our analysis then the various methods we analyzed will become our menu of choices for achieving compliance with the L.T.C.P. rule.

Please use this page to share your thoughts with us regarding this project. A link to our analysis for Bayonne is included below. Three information session are being planned for the City as well to help folks come into a better understanding of this project. Once dates are finalized they will be posted on this page as well as on the City Calendar.

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Bayonne’s Long Term Control Plan Submittals can be found at the State L.T.C.P. web site using the link provided below.

The City of Bayonne, NJ