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The Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority is the city's water & sewer company.

Water Line Insurance Coverage

Bayonne Residents:

Many of you have received a solicitation from a company called American Water Resources offering insurance coverage for water line protection. The solicitation may have come in an envelope or mailing designed to look like a United Water Bayonne water and sewer bill, but it is not a bill, it's just marketing material.

The preliminary rate, $70.62 annually or $5.89 monthly, is quite likely to be adjusted upward depending on several factors, such as those listed below, making it difficult or impossible to know what the actual cost would be.

  • The age of the water system infrastructure
  • The condition of the water system infrastructure
  • The underlying geology of the local in question

Also, please understand that this price ($70.62 annually or $5.89 monthly) does not include your sewer line.

All property owners in Bayonne have both water and a sewer line. This insurance would leave your sewer line unprotected; although for an additional sum of money they will insure your sewer line as well.

It is a fact, however, that all home and property owners have a responsibility for maintenance and repair of their water and sewer lines. The pipe from your home or business to its connection at the water or sewer mainline, where your pipe connects to the city mainline, is called your water or sewer service lateral; and you buy it along with your roof and front door. Maintenance of these lines is the responsibility of the property owner, not the City and not United Water.

This type of repair may cost thousands of dollars to fix once a leak is identified. Also, once a leak is identified, it can frequently cause additional damage the longer the leak is left unrepaired. This accumulating or mounting damage may sometimes cause the City or United Water Bayonne to shut off service to a property, until such time as the repair can be made. This would be done to avoid sink holes or other damage on a larger scale.

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