DAVIS: Teachers Union President Rejects 5-Year Deal with Money Added to the Contract; Deal Puts Money in Teachers Pockets at Zero Tax Increase

(BAYONNE, NJ) – After days of negotiations between the teachers union and the board of education, Mayor Jimmy Davis announced today that Alan D’Angelo, Bayonne Teacher’s Education Association president, has rejected a five-year contract with $1.5 million of new dollars in incentives for teachers.

“My administration worked with the board of education to find additional funding and, as a result, they offered the teachers union president a five-year contact with new money and new incentives for teachers and he’s outright rejected it,” said Mayor Jimmy Davis.  “We’ve moved the needle on money for teachers and the term of the contract and the union president is telling us ‘no’.”

“We’re less than half a million dollars apart in the negotiation process and the teachers union has left the bargaining table,” said Mayor Davis.  “The teachers union president is being completely unreasonable and is putting his own ego above the needs of his members.”

“If the union doesn’t approve this contract, every teachers’ take home pay is going to go down due to increased healthcare costs – but we can prevent that by approving this contract,” said Mayor Davis.  “By result, teachers would receive they’re long, overdue retro pay.”

Under the agreement terms proposed by the board of education teachers would receive the following:

  • A five-year contract
  • Four years of retroactive pay, providing teachers with retroactive paychecks in their first paycheck of the school year
  • A 10-percent increase over the five year period
  • Each teacher moves up in their original steps for year two thru five, i.e., if you were on step 10, you would begin the school year on step 14.

“This proposed agreement puts money in teachers pockets while protecting taxpayers,” said Mayor Davis.  “That’s the type of leadership we have brought to the bargaining table.”