Orange Permit Parking Zone to Include Linnett Street

Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that the Orange Permit Parking Zone has been expanded. In a letter to the City Council on August 13, Mayor Davis advised Council Members that both sides of Linnett Street have been added to the Orange Zone. That zone was created in 2011 to protect neighborhood parking in the area around the 8th Street Light Rail Station. Mayor Davis added Linnett Street to the zone in response to complaints from residents about unfavorable parking conditions. Earlier this year, other new streets were added to the Orange Zone. They are: North Street (between Avenue A and North Way); North Lane; North Way; North Court; Schuyler Place; and Schuyler Place West.

The date of effective enforcement of permit parking on Linnett Street and the other new streets of the Orange Zone will be announced. Residents living on the newly eligible streets will be able to apply for the permits effective immediately. Applications will be available at the office of the Bayonne Parking Utility, Room 14, at City Hall, 630 Avenue C. Applications will also be available for printing from the City website, Applicants may also file for permits through the mail, and the Parking Utility encourages the public to do so. People do not need to apply for permits in person at City Hall. Permit applications and photocopies of the required documents demonstrating residency, driver’s license, and car registration may be mailed along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Bayonne Parking Utility, 630 Avenue C, Bayonne, NJ 07002. Newly eligible Orange Zone residents will receive citywide parking permits and Orange Zone guest hangtags free of charge. Eligible Bayonne business owners with a primary business address located within the zone, and their employees whose workplaces are located in the Orange Zone, and who are not Bayonne residents, will be able to apply for Orange NR (non-resident) permit stickers through the Parking Utility, for a fee of $150 per year.

For more information on the expansion of the Orange Zone, please call the Parking Utility at 201-858-6135.