Mayor Davis Applauds NJ Transit for Expanding Light Rail Vehicles

Mayor Jimmy Davis expressed his appreciation to the board of NJ Transit for voting to increase the seating capacity in twenty-five Hudson-Bergen Light Rail vehicles by late 2015.  Mayor Davis said, “On behalf of the people of Bayonne, I would like to thank the NJ Transit board members for supporting a better commute for our residents.  When they are placed into service by late 2015, the larger Light Rail cars will offer Bayonne passengers a less crowded ride and a more comfortable commute. By improving the quality of trips to, from, and within Bayonne, NJ Transit will make our city an even more attractive place to live, work, and do business.”

At its meeting on July 9, the NJ Transit board approved a program that will create 50% more seating capacity on Hudson-Bergen Light Rail vehicles.  Under the plan, two sections will be added to each of twenty-five Light Rail vehicles, increasing the number of sections from three to five. Passenger capacity in the expanded cars will grow from 68 to 102 seats.  Standing room will also increase.  The enhanced Light Rail vehicle will be thirty-seven feet longer than the current standard car.

In 2013, many local commuters traveled on an expanded Light Rail vehicle when NJ Transit tested the prototype for the car in Hudson County.

NJ Transit’s improvement plan also includes funding for ten expanded vehicles for Newark’s Light Rail system.