Sires Announces Grant Award for Bayonne Fire Department

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Sires announced that the Bayonne Fire Department has received a grant award of $295,291 from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  This program provides grants to qualified agencies in order to strengthen their overall level of preparedness and ability to respond to fire and related hazards. This grant will give the Bayonne Fire Department the funds necessary to obtain 80 sets of critical safety gear firefighters need to perform high angle rescues and traverse the complex environments they work in. This grant will also supply the critical turnout gear firefighters use to respond to callsincluding fire suppression, hazardous materials, extrications, technical rescue, marine and collapse rescues.

“I congratulate the Bayonne Fire Department for receiving this competitive grant,” said Congressman Sires. “With these funds, the City of Bayonne can provide our emergency responders with the tools to keep themselves and the community safe.” 

“Our protective turnout gear  (coats, pants, boots and helmets) has aged, undergone numerous repairs over the years, and was further assaulted by contaminates during Superstorm Sandy, ” said Bayonne Fire Chief Gregory Rogers. “We are very excited about his award because the new protective gear will serve to provide the high level of protection and safety that our firefighters deserve and need. In addition to the turnout gear, high-angle rescue training and equipment will be issued to bolster our rescue team’s ability to function effectively at emergencies at elevation.”

“As I said at my inaugural ceremony, Congressman Sires is no stranger when it comes to helping Bayonne,” said Mayor Jimmy Davis.  “Securing this grant to provide critical equipment to our fire department is just the latest example of how hard Congressman Sires fights for our community.”

“On behalf of the 65,000 residents that call the city of Bayonne home, thank you!” said Mayor Davis.