Mayor Smith to Introduce Parking Zone Around Bayonne Bridge to Protect Downtown Residents

Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that he is introducing a plan for a residential permit parking zone around the BayonneBridge to protect downtown residents.  Mayor Smith said, “In recent weeks, Bergen Point residents have complained that Bayonne Bridge contractors’ vehicles have parked in their neighborhoods all day, taking away parking from the people who live there.  Downtown residents have requested that we find ways to preserve their ability to park by their homes.  The best way to do so is to introduce a residential permit parking zone that would enable the residents to park around the clock while limiting outside vehicles to a restricted amount of time for parking on designated streets.  We need to protect our downtown residents’ ability to park during the BayonneBridge construction.”

            The proposed residential permit parking zone would run from 1st Street in the south up to North Street, and from NewarkBay in the west to Kennedy Boulevard in the east.

The BayonneBridge area zone would join existing permit parking zones in other parts of the city.  They were created in response to pressures on neighborhood parking created by such factors as Light Rail, commuter buses, and BayonneMedicalCenter. Under the procedures established by the permit parking ordinance, the City Engineer will draft plans, and the Mayor will approve and advise the Council.

Mayor Smith concluded, “The creation of a new permit parking zone will ease some of the pressures on our downtown residents.  I will continue to use the powers of my office to protect the interests of Bayonne residents.”