Bayonne Police Program Brings Back McGruff the Crime Dog

Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that the Bayonne Police Department has brought back McGruff the Crime Dog to help with its crime prevention initiatives.  Mayor Smith said, “For more than thirty years, McGruff has been telling Americans to take a bite out of crime.  We are happy to have him back in Bayonne to raise public awareness about fighting crime and improving safety.”

Police Chief Ralph Scianni said, “The Bayonne Police Department will be partnering with schools, daycare programs, tenant organizations, and civic groups to increase public awareness about crime, quality of life, traffic, and other public safety issues.  McGruff’s involvement will allow us to interact with everyone from young children to senior citizens. He can assist with programs in schools or with senior safety awareness sessions. These initiatives will be coordinated by the Community Oriented Policing (COP) Unit and the Crime Prevention Bureau.”  Public Safety Director Jason O’Donnell said, “McGruff will be available for safety presentations that will be tailor-made for different age groups and sections of the community. The public can expect to see McGruff  at such community events as National Night Out.  Other police initiatives will include pedestrian safety, bike safety, seatbelt promotions, and summer programs.  Otto the Auto may also make some appearances.”

One concept used nationally against crime is Neighborhood Watch, which organizes neighbors into a local crime prevention group. Anyone interested in establishing a Neighborhood Watch program should contact Police Captain Robert Geisler by telephone at 201-376-1533 or 201-858-7888, or by e-mail at  Captain Geisler can also serve as a point of contact for groups interested in hosting McGruff.