Mayor Smith Commissions Pothole Brigade

Mayor Smith Commissions Pot Hole Brigade
City Crews to Blitz Local Streets
(Bayonne) Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith has announced a local initiative to identify and fill potholes on Bayonne Streets. Harsh winter conditions, snow removal operations and deicing chemicals have taken their toll on heavily traveled thoroughfares and the freeze-thaw cycle has opened cracks in pavement around town. Mayor Smith has instructed the Department of Public Works and Parks to muster crews to respond to the issue. To date over 300 potholes have been filled. A special hotline has been established for residents to report potholes. The number is 201-858-6705.
Mayor Smith thanked the DPW crews for their efforts during the recent storms and assigned them to refocus on repairing damaged roadways. Mayor Smith said, “With over a dozen major winter storm events from October until now, our streets have taken a beating. We will be focusing on pothole repair for the next few weeks in advance of our annual paving program.” Residents are asked to report potholes to the city at 201-858-6705. Afterhours, residents should leave a voice mail which will be retrieved the next business day. Reports can also be made by email to
City Zone Managers are out in the community looking for potholes and citizens are asked to supplement this effort by reporting anything they see. Mayor Smith thanked the community for their patience promised a timely response.