Bayonne Crews Removing Snow From Crosswalks

Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that crews from the City of Bayonne, the Board of Education, and a private contractor hired by the City are removing snow from crosswalks. The effort began on Friday afternoon, February 7. Mayor Smith said, “Following the recent snowstorm, plowing and salting the streets, and obtaining additional salt supplies were our initial priorities. Now we are addressing the important issue of removing snow from crosswalks around the community. We will remove snow from as many crosswalks as possible. The areas around schools will receive special attention, so that children can get to and from school more easily.”
Work will continue through the weekend. Mayor Smith asked for the public’s help. He said, “During and after each snowstorm, we have asked the public not to throw snow into the street. This request includes not throwing snow into crosswalks. As people continue to dig out around their homes, businesses, and cars, we ask that they place the snow that they shovel in front yards and other places that are not in the street. We thank the members of the public for their cooperation.”