The Home Depot Foundation Gives BEOF Grant for Bayonne Veterans

Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that The Home Depot Foundation has awarded the Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation (BEOF) a $5,000 grant to help economically disadvantaged veterans in Bayonne. The grant will be used to purchase goods and equipment needed for small home repairs for Bayonne veterans over the age of 60. Mayor Smith said, “This grant is great news for Bayonne’s veterans. Several residents who served our country will be able to fix up their homes, thanks to this grant. I would like to thank The Home Depot Foundation for its generosity to the veterans of our community. I would also like to thank BEOF Executive Director Ana Quintela and Millennium Strategies, Bayonne’s grant consultants, for their successful efforts at obtaining this funding.”
The BEOF currently provides small home repairs through its Senior Residential Maintenance Program. According to Ms. Quintela, the demand for these repair services is greater than the agency’s existing resources can meet. As a result of this unmet need, the BEOF worked with Millennium Strategies to obtain the grant for veterans’ home repairs from The Home Depot Foundation. Quintela said, “I would like to thank The Home Depot Foundation for enabling the BEOF to expand the reach of our services. Several veterans in Bayonne will have safer, more efficient homes as a result of The Home Depot Foundation’s support.” Repairs covered by the BEOF include, but may not be limited to, replacement or installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; window repair/caulking; weather stripping for drafty windows and doors; purchase of shower chairs; installation of hallway banisters for safety; and the purchase and installation of fire extinguishers.
The home improvements will be performed by licensed contractors and weatherization professionals. Veterans will be identified through the current application process. An outreach mailing will be sent to Bayonne residents over the age of 60 who receive veterans’ benefits, offering them a free evaluation of their homes.
Explaining the need for the grant, Quintela said, “Many senior citizens are unable to afford home repairs. Many of these repairs can either provide a long-term cost savings by lowering energy costs, or can prevent injury or even death to some of our community’s most vulnerable citizens. Veterans should not have to decide between paying their electrical bills and purchasing fire extinguishers.”
Interested, eligible Bayonne veterans may begin contacting the BEOF immediately about the grant program. Please call Jon Kiniery at 201-437-7222, extension 14.