New Jobs for Bayonne, Consulting Firm Expands Operations in Bayonne

Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that Total Safety Consulting, LLC, known as TSC, is expanding its operations in Bayonne. The company’s headquarters is located at 751 Broadway. Recently, TSC purchased a second Bayonne property at 200 Broadway, where it plans to make a major capital investment and to hire additional staff. Mayor Smith said, “TSC’s expansion is yet another sign that Bayonne is poised for more economic growth. The Bifulco family, the owners of TSC, have recognized that Bayonne offers many advantages to business. These include convenient locations, the Hudson Bergen Light Rail System, a skilled labor force, and pro-growth policies. We are proud to have TSC’s headquarters in Bayonne, and look forward to its expansion at its second location on Broadway.”
TSC describes itself as “a turnkey provider of safety, environmental safety, and loss control consulting.” The firm was founded in 1996. The main offices began in Staten Island, and then moved to rented space in Jersey City in 2005. According to co-owner Liz Bifulco, the company “realized the benefits of Bayonne,” and purchased 751 Broadway in 2010. After investing “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in new construction and equipment in the building, TSC moved its headquarters to 751 Broadway in 2011.
TSC has a full-time staff of over 120 and an additional as-needed staff and consultants of another 100 people. The safety firm has two locations in New York. About 20 of its employees work at 751 Broadway in Bayonne. About half of the Bayonne-based employees are New Jersey residents. According to Liz Bifulco, “We really love Bayonne and appreciate the local community.” She thanked the City Administration and Bayonne’s municipal departments for the “easy process” under which they reconstructed the interior at 751 Broadway and invested in the building. Ms. Bifulco called the more recent purchase of 200 Broadway “a great opportunity.” The businesswoman cited the presence of Light Rail in Bayonne as an important factor for the company. She said the 200 Broadway near the 8th Street Light Rail Station, “will really foster growth.” The headquarters property at 751 Broadway is located near the 34th Street Light Rail Station. Some employees take the Light Rail to work at TSC, and some Bayonne residents walk to work at TSC, Ms. Bifulco said.
The company provides services in construction safety, fire safety, training, environmental safety, safety equipment and supplies, and security and investigations. TSC plans to house fire safety programs at 200 Broadway.
TSC’s clients include major construction management firms and contractors, architectural and engineering firms, owners, developers, insurance carriers and brokers, agencies and authorities, facility owners, and management firms.
Liz Bifulco said TSC “has always been in the forefront of change,” which is “a by-product of the fact that we are safety professionals.” She explained that the company’s employees are involved in professional organizations, and try to stay “ahead of the curve, anticipating what the environment is going to do.” Ms. Bifulco called TSC’s employees “individuals who have a commitment to what we do.” She added that TSC is a certified woman business enterprise (WBE), a designation created by the federal government to ensure that businesses owned by women would not be bypassed or contracts.
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