Eyewitness Commended for Stopping Crime

Recently, Mayor Mark A. Smith and Public Safety Director Jason O’Donnell presented a certificate of appreciation to Megan Sisk for her role as a crime-stopper. On August 22, Ms. Sisk, 19, of Bayonne, saw two hooded males stealing a bicycle from a carport on West 43rd Street. She told her father, who was driving at the time, and she kept the duo under surveillance for fifteen minutes as they made their way toward the 45th Street Light Rail Station. She notified the police, and the alleged perpetrators were apprehended at 45th Street and Avenue E, fifty yards from the Light Rail, which would have been their means of escape. The two males, ages 13 and 14, are both juvenile residents of Jersey City.
Mayor Smith said, “I would like to commend Megan Sisk for her quick action against would-be bicycle thieves. She did the right thing by contacting the Police Department, which dispatched officers to prevent the theft from succeeding. Megan may have prevented the juveniles from carrying out additional illegal activity.” Public Safety Director O’Donnell said, “I would like to thank Megan Sisk for doing an outstanding job. She proved that the members of our community can assist the Police Department by being on the alert in their neighborhoods. Anyone seeing suspicious activity or a crime in progress should report it at once to the police. The telephone number for emergencies is 9-1-1. The main police number is 201-858-6900.” In his role as a member of the New Jersey General Assembly, O’Donnell obtained a New Jersey state citation to honor Megan Sisk. Police Chief Ralph Scianni said, “Megan Sisk demonstrated the important role the public can play in helping law enforcement. I would like to thank her for being an observant and responsible citizen. She proved the importance of the motto, ‘If you see something, say something.’”
At the time of the incident, Ms. Sisk was home for the summer in Bayonne. She is back in college now, studying at Loyola University Maryland, which is located in Baltimore.