Administration Urges Cooperation With New Water Meter Installations

Crews from National Metering Services, a contractor hired by United Water Bayonne, will continue to install new, high-tech water meters in Bayonne for the next several months in 2013 and 2014. The company is asking for the community’s help in completing the project. United Water, which has a management partnership with the Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority, is modernizing the equipment throughout Bayonne’s water-sewer system. National Metering Services is the contractor working with United Water on the water meter installation program. They need the public’s help to get the job done.
The success of this modernization depends on the cooperation of our residents. Cards were mailed out to Bayonne addresses, and people should call for an appointment when they receive them. The company urges everyone to make an appointment for the installation, because the new meters will have several advantages for our residents.
The new meters can monitored by radio frequency, so there will be no need for meter readers to go into your home to read the new devices. That will make things more convenient for our residents. The new meters can be read electronically, so the utility can move away from issuing estimated bills. That will be fairer for our residents than the current system. The new system can help identify leaks and large water consumption, helping to avoid waste and large bills.
To summarize, the new meters will be more efficient, accurate, and convenient for the people of Bayonne. That is why everyone should be cooperative when National Metering Services contacts you about making an appointment for installing a new water meter.