City, Board of Education Collaborate On Community Service Projects

Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that students completing their community service requirements with Bayonne High School are working with the City of Bayonne on several projects this summer.  The students are acting under the auspices of the Service Learning Program at Bayonne High School.  As part of their graduation requirements, Bayonne High School students must complete twenty unpaid service hours with a non-profit organization or agency.  Smith said, “The City of Bayonne became an active partner of the service learning program, in order to provide the students with productive and educational work assignments.  The students will provide valuable services to the community while learning about educational, cultural, or economic topics of interest to them.” 

Students were asked to volunteer for one of five areas of service: child literacy, arts, music, history, and business. The students are involved in a literacy camp for young children; mural painting; a local history program; the Summer Sounds concert series; and surveys of merchants and customers. Bayonne High School Principal Richard Baccarella said, “We are thrilled to be partnered with the City of Bayonne on such worthwhile projects.”

The literacy camp takes place at the Bayonne Community Museum.  It is a joint project of the Bayonne Community Development Program, the Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation (BEOF), and the Bayonne Board of Education. 

In the mural program, the students will paint on selected flat surfaces around the community, in conjunction with adult artists.  The mural program has formed partnerships for supplies with the Lowes Home Improvement and Wal-Mart stores in Bayonne.  Students will display their artistic skills.

Students working in the history program will develop information about a group of historic sites and properties in Bayonne.  The goal would be to develop a brochure and/or web-based descriptions of various historic locations.  Students will use their research and web design skills and establish a walking tour through the community. 

Students working on the Summer Sounds concert program will help set up for the performances, which are held Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. on the lower level of DiDomenico-16thStreet Park through August 21, weather permitting.  The students will also prepare, conduct, and analyze audience surveys. 

The final group of students will work on surveys of Broadway merchants and Broadway shoppers.  The students will be exposed to various business, marketing, and economic issues.

Mayor Smith thanked Bayonne High School Principal Richard Baccarella, Bayonne High School Vice Principal Keith Makowski, Board of Education Social Studies/Language Arts/Service Learning Director Danny Ward, BEOF Executive Director Ana Quintela, City Business Administrator Steve Gallo, Community Development Administrator Samantha Howard, City Chief Financial Officer Terrence Malloy, City Recreation Division Supervisor Pete Amadeo, and other school and municipal officials for working on the summer 2013 service learning activities.