Property Taxes Due Friday, May 10

  The Bayonne Tax Collector’s Office announced that second quarter property tax payments are due on Friday, May 10. The nominal legal due date for the tax bills was Wednesday, May 1.  However, the City Council authorized a grace period through May 10.  Payments made by that date will avoid a late fee.  Property owners may pay their taxes by mail or in person at City Hall, 630 Avenue C, or at Bayonne branches of Bayonne Community Bank (BCB), or through the City website,

           By state law, quarterly payments received after the close of business on Friday, May 10, will incur interest charges dating back to May 1, the nominal, legal due date for the second quarter.  For anyone making payment in person on May 10, the Tax Collector’s Office strongly recommends paying at City Hall.

           In the recent past, taxpayers often received a separate tax mailing for the May billing.  Since the City of Bayonne switched from a fiscal year to a calendar year, the Tax Collector’s Office is now able to send out tax bills for all quarters in one mailing.  Taxpayers should find the May tax bill in the mailing that they received in August 2012. 

           When the County of Hudson strikes its annual tax rate for 2013, it will be based upon adopted municipal, school, and county budgets.  The County of Hudson no longer uses estimated budgets when it strikes the tax rate for Bayonne, and there are no more estimated quarterly tax bills. During the summer of 2013, property taxpayers will receive four quarterly tax bills (for August 2013, November 2013, February 2014, and May 2014) in the same mailing.  After taxpayers receive that mailing this summer, the Tax Collector’s Office suggests keeping it in a safe place, and marking the due dates on calendars.