Bayonne Police and State Motor Vehicles Inspectors Crack Down on Jitneys and Buses

 Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that the Bayonne Police Department has carried out enforcement operations against local jitney operators and other bus carriers.  The police worked in conjunction with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s Bus Inspectional Unit. 

Mayor Smith said, “My Administration and the Bayonne Police Department carried out these operations as a result of complaints from the public about problems they have witnessed with various mass transit vehicles in Bayonne. My Administration is very concerned about maintaining vehicular safety, so that we can protect the lives of our residents. We have taken effective action to keep the roads safe for passengers, pedestrians, and drivers.”

Public Safety Director Jason O’Donnell, “We have received significant numbers of questions and about the safety of jitneys and buses in Bayonne.  To ensure safety, we sought the cooperation of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), which regulates jitneys and buses.  As a result of a partnership between the MVC, the Smith Administration, and the Bayonne Police Department, we have sent the message that jitneys and buses must follow the rules.”

Police Chief Ralph Scianni said, “As a result of a sustained program of safety inspections and enforcement actions, the Bayonne Police Department has issued 169 summonses. We will continue sustained safety operations throughout the entire city.”

The 169 summonses were issued for a variety of moving violations, and violations of City ordinances and equipment regulations.  As a result of enforcement operations, one jitney was impounded, and six were taken out of service.  Those six vehicles were towed to repair facilities. 

On March 21, the Bayonne Police Department’s Traffic Division worked jointly with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s Commercial Bus Inspectional Unit.  Vehicle inspections produced 118 equipment violations.  Of those 118 cases, 28 resulted in jitneys’ being taken off the road.  The inspections also uncovered nine license violations and three document violations.  Officers also discovered that two drivers were operating jitneys while suspended.  Chief Scianni said that these figures are a direct result of the Bayonne Police Department’s inspection operations in conjunction with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.  Scianni said, “We will continue to work closely the Motor Vehicle Commission on inspectional operations. The Bayonne Police Department will continue to monitor the actions of commercial vehicles on Kennedy Boulevard and citywide.”      

Mayor Smith concluded, “As a result of outstanding police work, unsafe jitneys were taken off the roadways, helping to ensure the safety of pedestrians, passengers, and the motoring public.  My Administration and the Bayonne Police Department undertook this operation as a direct result of complaints from the public.  We would like to continue to ask for the public’s help.  Anyone observing violations or questionable behavior by vehicles should call the Bayonne Police Department at 201-858-6900.”