City Requires Businesses With Retail Food Licenses to Have Trash Receptacles

Municipal Services Director Joseph A. Waks reminded businesses with retail food licenses that each one of them is required to have a trash receptacle immediately outside the premises. The City adopted an ordinance with this requirement in 2011.

Retail food establishments include, but are not limited to, restaurants, convenience stores, delis, street vendor operations, and any business that sells and/or serves food.

Proprietors of all retail food establishments are responsible for purchasing trash receptacles. According to this ordinance, the receptacles must be “durable, cleanable, insect-resistant and rodent-resistant, leak-proof and non-absorbent. All litter and trash receptacles must be 32 gallons, designed of either heavy-duty plastic resistant to denting, bending and cracking, heavy-duty steel, galvanized steel or steel mesh.”

The ordinance requires the proprietors of all retail food establishments to service and empty the receptacles during the hours that the retail food establishment is open for business. The receptacles must be emptied “at a frequency that will minimize odors and other conditions that will attract or harbor insects and rodents or cause a public health nuisance. Proprietors must chain, hook, or otherwise connect the trash receptacle to the premises. Receptacles must be removed at the end of the food establishment’s hours of operation. Failure to provide by the provisions of this ordinance will be enforced by the City.

The City of Bayonne’s Department of Public Works has procured approved, 32-gallon steel mesh trash receptacles. Proprietors of retail food establishments can purchase these receptacles at cost. The price of these receptacles is $119.76. Food business owners should contact the Department of Public Works at 201-858-6070, if they are interested in purchasing one of these cans.