NJ Transit to Work on 22nd Street Light Rail Underpass on Monday, March 12

NJ Transit has advised the City of Bayonne that it will do maintenance work on the 22nd Street Light Rail underpass between Avenue E and Prospect Avenue on Monday, March 12. The effort will involve adding a stucco parge coat to the wall inserts along the 22nd Street underpass. A parge coat is a thin layer of mortar that covers voids and bugholes. The goal of the coating work is to protect the wall inserts from moisture and weathering.

The wall inserts were constructed for public art. However, NJ Transit has installed no art to date along the 22nd Street underpass. In 2011, public art was installed in the neighboring 21st Street underpass.

The 22nd Street Light Rail Station opened for service in November 2003. The station’s design incorporates public art through NJ Transit’s Arts in Transit program.