Mayor Smith Assails Decision to Halt Boulevard Bus Demands that Company Continue Operation While Alternatives Are Explored

Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith responded to the news that Trans-Hudson Express, Inc., operator of the No. 10 Boulevard Bus intends to cease operation of that route on April 8, 2012. Smith said his office received notice of the company’s intent via a hand delivered letter yesterday. “The notice we received was not in conformance with state law,” said Smith.

Trans Hudson Express, Inc. doing business as Red and Tan Tours has been providing local bus service on the No. 10 Route along JFK Boulevard from West 3rd Street to Journal Square. The route is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
Mayor Smith responded to the notice by demanding that the company continue to operate its service until an arrangement can be reached. “Many Bayonne people depend on this bus route to get to work or to school at Bayonne High School, Marist and Hold Family Academy,” said Smith. “Red and Tan’s decision to suddenly and deliberately cease operations without adequate advance notice is unprofessional and disrespectful to the people who have been their customers for many years. Frankly, if this is the way they treat their customers, the people who run this company should be barred from providing bus service anywhere,” said Smith.

Upon receipt of the surprise notice, Mayor Smith wrote a letter to the company’s counsel demanding that they be fair and reasonable in their dealings with the community and continue operations until an agreement could be reached. Smith also sent a letter to Bayonne’s federal congressional representatives as well as DOT Secretary Ray LaHood and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne Ferro.

Mayor Smith also contacted New Jersey Transit and Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell to develop alternatives to Red and Tan Tours. Smith said, “We are examining alternatives along with New Jersey Transit to ensure continued service for all Bayonne residents especially our students that use this bus line to get to and from school.”