Time To Renew Pet and Business Licenses

City officials reminded pet owners and various business license holders that Tuesday, January 31, 2012, is the deadline for license renewal.

Business licenses due for renewal cover pet shops; laundromats; dry cleaners; food-dispensing trucks; vending machines; restaurants, delicatessens, and other food establishments. These licenses are issued by the Health Division of the Department of Municipal Services

Under New Jersey law, dogs and cats that receive municipal licenses are required to be immunized against rabies by licensed veterinarians. These pet licenses are issued by the City Clerk’s Office.

Current license holders received license renewal mailings. The mailings cited the January 31 deadline. After January 31, the City Clerk’s Office will assess late fees of $25 per pet, and the Health Division will assess late fees of $50 per business.

Anyone with questions about a pet license should call the City Clerk’s Office at 201-858-6029. For questions about various business licenses, call the Health Division at 201-858-6100.