Reminder: Renewal Time For Red, Yellow and Green Parking Zone Permits

The Bayonne Parking Utility reminded residents that it is time to renew the annual parking permits for the Red, Yellow and Green Zones. Due to the new citywide residential permit parking system, Bayonne residents who live in the Red, Yellow, and Green Zones will receive new blue-and-white citywide permit stickers and guest hangtags. The new citywide stickers will be valid for parking in all of Bayonne’s residential parking zones. Non-residents who have business parking permits for either the Red, Yellow, or Green Zone will receive a new parking sticker that will bear the letters “NR” for non-resident. NR permit-holders are not entitled to guest hangtags.

Current permit holders are encouraged to renew them by mail by enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. It is not necessary to renew in person. Permit holders also have the option of renewing their permits in person at City Hall. Applicants can avoid standing on line by renewing through the mail.

The Blue, White, and Orange `Zone permits do not expire until later in 2012. That is why the Blue, White, and Orange renewals were not included in the recent renewal mailing.

The 2011 permits for the Red, Yellow, and Green Zones expired December 31, 2011. After a grace period, the Parking Utility will begin enforcement of the 2012 permits on Monday, February 6, 2012.

For more information, please call the Bayonne Parking Utility at 201-858-6061.