City Announces Snow Plans for Winter of 2011-2012

Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that several City departments and other local agencies will coordinate snow plans for the coming winter. Smith said, “My Administration’s goal is to salt and plow the streets as efficiently as possible during snowstorms this coming winter. We need to keep streets passable and maintain access to public buildings and emergency services.”

The municipal departments that will be involved in snow operations are the Public Safety Department (which includes the Police Department and the Fire Department) and the Department of Public Works. Also cooperating are the Municipal Utilities Authority, the Board of Education, the Housing Authority, and the Parking Authority. Should conditions warrant, the City would activate the emergency operations center.

Each department and agency has specific responsibilities. Public Works will be responsible for salting and plowing the streets, public properties, and other designated areas. The Police Department will handle emergency calls and coordinate with Public Works for support and control where needed. The Police Department will also coordinate with towing contractors for the removal of vehicles from the streets, if needed.

The Fire Department will be responsible for emergency calls and removal of snow from areas around fire hydrants. If necessary, Public Works will offer manpower and equipment support for this purpose. The Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) has responsibility for cleaning all sewers and drains. The authority will utilize its own equipment for this purpose. The MUA will coordinate its efforts with Public Works.

The Board of Education will clear and clean all sidewalks in and around public schools and other Board of Education property. The Board of Education will also assist Public Works by clearing all crosswalks and sewers in the immediate vicinity of the public schools. The Board of Education will utilize its own equipment.
The Housing Authority will clear and maintain all sidewalks in and around its buildings, utilizing its own equipment. The Parking Authority will assume responsibility for clearing all sidewalks in and around municipal parking lots. Public Works will plow the Parking Authority lots.

According to the plan, all departments and agencies should be prepared to assist one another with manpower and equipment, should the need arise. All departments will be called upon to clear and maintain crosswalks. The request for assistance and the decision to coordinate the efforts of all departments and agencies will be the sole responsibility of the Director of Public Works.

If the need should arise to implement a snow removal plan, contract trucks will be brought in to accomplish this, with the support of Public Works. Areas will be cleared on a priority basis, as determined by the Director of Public Works. Primary areas will include such main thoroughfares as Avenue A, Avenue B, Avenue C, Broadway, Avenue E, and Prospect Avenue. Other top priorities include vehicular and passenger bridges, areas in and around Bayonne Medical Center, and schools. Upon request, houses of worship and private schools will have their parking lots cleared, with the understanding that they remain open for public use until the snow emergency is lifted. Side streets and other streets and areas come next.

Snow announcements will be posted on BAY-TV Channel 78 on Cablevision, BAY-TV Channel 42 on Verizon FiOS, and on the municipal website, which is