City Applies for Funds to Repave Avenue C From 30th St. to City Line

Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that the City of Bayonne has applied for a special grant to repave the northern half of Avenue C, from 30th Street to the City Line at 57th Street.

Smith said, “The northern half of Avenue C has been in poor condition for several years. In addition to normal wear and tear, several parts of Avenue C bear the scars of patchy resurfacing that followed utility excavations. There are too many bruises and ruts in the roadway.” Smith continued, “We have been successful in obtaining state and federal funds to resurface other parts of Avenue C. Working with our grant consultants at Millennium Strategies, we have applied for funds from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Municipal Aid Program to deal with the northern half of the avenue.” Millennium Strategies estimates that the cost of the proposed paving project would be $2 million.

According to a project description from Millennium for Avenue C, the City of Bayonne proposes to resurface Avenue C above 30th Street “from curb to curb including new pavement and crosswalk markings.” The grant proposal cites “surface cracking and numerous failing patches” in the existing pavement. The proposal specifies that some parts of Avenue C “will require full depth reconstruction.”

The submission from Millennium states that Avenue C has average daily traffic of 13,000 vehicles. The length of the area proposed for resurfacing is approximately 12,600 linear feet or about two-and-a-half miles. The stretch of the avenue from 30th Street to 57th Street contains about 29 intersections.

In making the case for the paving grant, the proposal states, “The project will provide a community-wide transportation improvement, enhancements to public safety, improve the business area economy, and boost property values.”