Hurricane Irene Special Announcement #1

High winds and heavy rains are expected. The City of Bayonne recommends strongly that residents of certain low-lying areas evacuate. Those areas are the Alexan, the Boatworks, First Street, Second Street, and the homes around Ahern Veterans’ stadium at Park Road and the foot of West 25th Street. 

We are establishing shelters at four public schools beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday. Those four schools are Nicholas Orseko School at 24th Street and Avenue E, Midtown Community School at 23rd Street and Avenue A, Henry Harris School at 5th Street and Avenue C, and Washington Community School at 47th Street and Avenue B. The Board of Education suggests bringing a light snack to the school shelters.

If you need help being transported to one of these schools, please call the main police number 201-858-6900.

All public school parking lots will be open for public parking during the emergency, beginning at 12 noon Saturday.

Please stay off the streets and roads to allow emergency vehicles to do their jobs. Please move patio furniture, grills, umbrellas, and other loose objects inside to prevent them from becoming airborne in the high winds. Keep grounds and balconies clear. Please prepare your property and secure and objects such as awnings, umbrellas and lawn furniture that could become airborne in hurricane force winds. If your home is in a low lying area and has been subject to flooding in the past, please remove all valuables to a higher elevation and make sure your sewer caps are tightly installed. Check that backflow preventers are in working order and test sump pumps. Do not park your vehicle in a low-lying area that is subject to flooding. Relocate your vehicle to higher ground. Do not drive through standing water as you cannot tell how deep it is. – Do not stop your car in a low-lying area as flooding can occur rapidly.

Local departments and agencies will be on the job this weekend to help residents during the hurricane.

Please do not call 9-1-1 unless it is a genuine emergency. For non-emergency calls, please dial the main police number 201-858-6900.

To report any downed power lines, call PSEG at 1-800-436-PSEG.

We will make more announcements as needed for your safety. Be safe and stay calm. Thank you for your cooperation.