Paving Preparations to Start on Several Streets in Bayonne

Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that preparation work for paving is starting this week on several streets, weather and construction-related factors permitting.

Tilcon, the paving contractor, issued a tentative schedule.

On Wednesday, August 24, Tilcon is expected to install storm water drains on West 57th Street between Avenue B and Avenue C; West 45th Street from Kennedy Blvd. to Avenue B; East 46th Street from Broadway to Avenue E; East 30th Street from Prospect Avenue to Route 440; Parkview Terrace from West 26th Street to West 27th Street; West 9th Street from Avenue A to Newark Bay, and from Kennedy Blvd. to Avenue C; Humphreys Avenue from West 2nd Street to West 3rd Street; and West 2nd Street from Humphreys Avenue to Newman Avenue.

On Tuesday, August 23, Tilcon is scheduled to begin installing curb heads and warning surface mounts at street corners. Warning surface mounts look like colored mats. They are required by federal and state regulations, and warn blind and other handicapped people that they are at a street corner. The work will be done on the following streets on the sections listed above, and on other streets as indicated: West 56th Street; East 46th Street; West 29th Street from Avenue A to Avenue C; West 19th Street from Avenue A to the western end of the street; West 9th Street; Humphreys Avenue; West 2nd Street; and Linnett Street from Avenue E to Isabella Avenue.

On Thursday, August 25, and Friday, August 26, Tilcon is expected to mill the existing pavement on the parts of East 46th Street, West 19th Street, West 9th Street, and Humphreys Avenue mentioned above.

On Monday, August 29, Tilcon is scheduled to reset manholes on East 46th Street, West 19th Street, West 9th Street, and Humphreys Avenue on the sections mentioned above.

On Tuesday, August 30, Tilcon is scheduled to pave East 46th Street, West 19th Street, West 9th Street, and Humphreys Avenue in the sections mentioned above.

The contractor will hand-deliver information to residents on the streets that will be paved. “No Parking” signs will be posted as needed.

The schedule listed above is subject to change, due to weather and construction-related issues.

Other announcements will be made concerning the streets mentioned here and other streets as information becomes available.