City Urges Removal of Weeds From Sidewalks and Curblines

Bayonne’s Public Works Department and Quality of Life Office are urging property owners to remove any weeds that are growing from their sidewalks and curblines in Bayonne. Public Works Director Gary Chmielewski said, “During the summer, weeds tend to grow up around curbs and sidewalks in the city. Under municipal ordinances, owners and their representatives have a responsibility to maintain properties, including sidewalks and curblines.” Chmielewski continued, “In order to maintain a neat and healthy community, we must prevent the growth of weeds between the fronts of buildings and the pavement.”

Citizens are urged to dispose of weeds properly by putting them in plastic bags or private garbage barrels that would be set out for the next available garbage pick-up. Plant waste can also be saved for composting.

Owners and other responsible parties are subject to fines if they allow an abundance of weeds to develop on their properties or otherwise fail to maintain their buildings and grounds properly.