Bayonne MUA to Commence Hydrant Flushing Program

Starting on Monday evening, August 15th at 10PM and continuing for several weeks, the Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority will be conducting a general flushing of the water distribution mains in Bayonne. The flushing program improves water quality and helps remove minerals and deposits that have settled in the pipes throughout the system.

Flushing will begin at 10PM each night and last until 2AM. Initially the program will begin uptown and work its way down to First Street. Residents may notice low water pressure during these times and there may be some discoloration of the water supply between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM. Residents are asked to refrain from doing laundry after 10 PM while the program is going on and to observe the color and clarity of their water before use. Flushing will take place from Monday through Thursday evenings. People may notice open fire hydrants with free flowing water in their neighborhoods. This is a normal part of the flushing program and there is no need to call the police department to report open hydrants. During the flushing program all fire hydrants in the community will be tested and exercised to make sure they are in working order.

Residents with questions or comments about the program can call the authority at 201-339-3200 during normal business hours.