State Issues Advisory on Follow-Up Activities After Fire in New York Waste Water Treatment Plant

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has issued the following advisory about steps that the NJDEP and New York City (NYC) are taking following the recent fire at the New York North River Waste Water Treatment Plant:

NJDEP is working closely with the New York City and New York State environmental departments to assess fully potential impacts of raw sewerage to New Jersey’s waters.

. NJDEP has deployed emergency response and water monitoring staff to assess water conditions and potential impacts on shellfish beds and recreational uses.

. NJDEP has staff on the Hudson River currently to provide visual inspection information.

. NJDEP will continue to provide periodic updates to our municipalities and health departments.

. NJDEP recommends individuals refrain from swimming, kayaking and other recreational water uses in the Hudson River at this time.

. NJDEP is working cooperatively with the Department of Health and Senior Services and the State Office of Emergency Management.

. NYC is working aggressively to stop all sewage bypasses.

. NYC is chlorinating bypassed sewage to reduce pathogens.